Vampire Outlaw – Book Review

Book Summary

Robin Hood. Vampires. The invasion of England.

Richard of Ashbury is attacked by vampires. The trail leads to Sherwood and to a Green Knight, a king of the outlaws and so called lord of Eden. Richard is certain that his old enemy, William de Ferrers has returned to England.

But England is in turmoil. The barons have erupted into armed rebellion against King John. What is more, a French army has invaded the south, intent on installing a French prince as the King of England.

Richard must do his duty and fight to save England. And he must journey deep into the dark heart of Sherwood Forest to kill William and rescue the Lady Marian.

Book 2 of the Immortal Knight Chronicles takes up twenty-five years after Vampire Crusader. Featuring sword fights, archery, medieval battles, intrigue and the origins of the Robin Hood myth, this is exciting, action-packed historical fiction with a twist. Buy Vampire Outlaw now!


Book Review

Vampire Outlaw, The Immortal Knight Chronicles Book Two, is another well written and full of action historical fiction. The plot is one we all recognize; an unhidden theme of Robin Hood.

This tale is much darker and bloodier than the fairy tale of Robin Hood. This is Vampire Outlaw, full of raw emotions, hideous fighting, romance, and believe it or not, dry humor.

If you enjoyed Dan Davis’ first book, ‘Vampire Crusader’, then you will love ‘Vampire Outlaw’.

I highly recommend this book to history, fantasy, and vampire lovers!

I was provided with a free pdf copy, from the author, in exchange for an honest review.


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