New Book Published

Bashful Betsy (Shy Girl Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon:

Bashful Betsy Book Cover

Ebook – $0.99

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      1. Thank you for thinking about me! We did receive enough monetary help to purchase a FEMA trailer to live in until we can get our home rebuilt. The clean up is taking a lot of time. It is hard to get anyone to help with physical labor. 🙂 We are thankful for the help we have received.


      2. That’s so good to hear! Sorry I can’t help with the physical cleanup, but I’m a bit far away 🙂 Every time I hear Louisiana is getting hit with severe weather I worry about you.

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      3. I feel for the people in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Alabama. They are getting the worst of it right now. We did have a little scare about three weeks ago, but the lake level didn’t rise above the flood stage. It was right at the flood stage though. Good thing is that we are set-up now so that we can pull the


      4. I hope my first reply went through. Replies are aggravating for me on wordpress. My 2nd reply will not make sense if you did not receive my 1st reply. Just let me know.


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