Weekly Fantasy Fix





Rooted In The Real

Why do make-believe stories stick with us? Fantasy is filled with dragons, and maidens, and old gods coming across the blight to bring misery to our mortal souls. Yet, we remember these stories. We tell them to our children, and our children’s children.  But why?
The answer is quite simple. Although the fantastical setting ignites our imaginations, we — readers and writers alike — live in reality. The problems we understand are real problems. Genuine conflicts. True drama. The drama of families, financial hardship, or the loss of freedom. Contrary to popular belief, the fantasy writer relies on writing what’s real. Actually, fantasy writers do their best to highlight reality. We each enjoy fantasy because it digs at the core essence of a problem and challenges us to rediscover common values we all share: love, peace, valor, etc. Learn more about yourself and the world around you through good ole fantasy. Reach for fantasy. Discover reality.

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