Book Review: A Cure for Madness

A Cure for Madness

A Cure for Madness

Author, Jodi McIsaac

Book Synopsis

Clare Campbell has worked hard to create distance between herself and her troubled family. But when she receives news of her parents’ murder, she’s forced to return to the quiet town of Clarkeston, Maine, to arrange their funeral and take legal guardianship of her unpredictable and mentally ill brother, Wes.

While Clare struggles to come to grips with the death of her parents, a terrifying pathogen outbreak overtakes the town. She is all too familiar with the resulting symptoms, which resemble those of her brother’s schizophrenia: hallucinations, paranoia, and bizarre, even violent, behavior. Before long, the government steps in—and one agent takes a special interest in Wes. Clare must make a horrifying decision: save her brother or save the world.

Book Review

Author, Jodi McIsaac has presented us with a great medical thriller in her latest book, ‘A Cure for Madness’. This book held my attention from start to finish. It is full of fast-paced action guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

The book is well written, with characters that are true to life. The setting makes the plot of this medical thriller plausible.

I loved this book and recommend it to all thriller readers.

5 Stars *****

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