Want – Book Review


Want: Trust no one, no one trusts (Numbered Book 1)

Author, Magus Tor

Book Summary

Trust no one, no one trusts – that is the way of Lunar City.

When Aurelia Cole gets hired by Lunar City Hospital, the last thing she expects is that her shuttle will be attacked on the way to her new posting. With her new found Clone friend Nicholas, Aurelia manages to rescue Jonathon Hansen, who might just be the next Earth Empire president. But when Aurelia is forced to choose between Nicholas and Jonathon, she has to decide whether her love for her job is more important than her desire to do what’s right.

Head hunted by the Resistance movement, Aurelia has the chance to overthrow a manipulative dictatorship. But in Lunar City, who can she trust and who really trusts her?

Book Review

Want: Trust no one, no one trusts (Numbered Book 1) by author, Magus Tor, is a great dystopian/science fiction read. He gives the reader the history of what happened on Earth that led to the building of Lunar City and it’s various hierarchies; from the most powerful to the lesser clone society.

The story is full of action, twists, and turns. The characters are strong while dealing with betrayal and resistance. The world building is fantastic. All in all, the story pulls the reader right into the story from the beginning to the cliffhanger ending that leaves the reader wanting more.

I highly recommend this book to all dystopian/science fiction readers.

I was given a free copy by Story Cartel, in exchange for an honest review.



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