Makari’s Mission Chapter 12 Sneak Peek

Renee Scattergood

Makari’s Mission Chapter 12 Sneak Peek

By the time I reached Luten Isle, the attack had already begun. I followed a stream of vehicles through the mountain passes as they headed towards the towns and villages in the valley. It would be a difficult adjustment for these people. Their lives were about to change dramatically, and for many of them it was about to end. My father had ordered that the adults be put to death. The cleansing would be less effective on them than the children, and there wasn’t enough room in the reconciliation centers to accommodate all of them. But they would soon see it was for their good that they had to face this horror. It was much better than the alternative—a lifetime of enslavement.

The other vehicles broke off as they headed towards their destinations, but I left the road and headed directly for the lake. I doubt they’d be watching, but just in case, the dark water might mask my approach. Unfortunately, I doubted I’d be able to wait until they were asleep to approach them. I’d have to put the recinder on Auren first and incapacitate her, then kill her friends as quickly as I could. The delohi-saqu and the boy would likely be able to defend themselves well, but the smaller girl would be an easier target. I’d leave her for last. Even if she ran I could easily run her down.

I wasn’t expecting to find their campsite empty when I got there, though. Their fire had been covered by dirt and it appeared they’d made a hasty retreat. They’d seen me coming after all. After a quick scan of the area, I found them running towards the forest to the north. I would not be able to catch them before they reached the trees, but I jumped back into the hydrocar and headed in their direction.

There was a squadron assigned to watch the northern shore just in case anyone tried to escape that way. I grabbed my handheld and pressed a button.

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