Renee Scattergood

Makari’s Mission Chapter 11 Sneak Peek

I brought my father up to date on what I’d learned about Kado and Auren, and their powers, though I left out the connection I felt with her. “She is camping with her friends on Luten Island at the moment. I can’t approach her through the shadow world, though. I’ll need a hydrocar.”

“This is perfect,” Drevin said, his eyes lighting up. “We will be retaking Luten Island tonight, as well as a few other islands just beyond our borders. Bring her back to me as soon as possible. This night will mark the beginning of the end of all the torment we have suffered.”

“The people of the Coalition are completely unruly, especially their children.”

Drevin clapped my shoulder. It was the first time he’d ever touched me for some other reason than to cause me pain.

“Now you begin to see why these people need someone like me to rule over them.”

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