Makari’s Mission Chapter 10

Renee Scattergood

Makari’s Mission Chapter 10

I had no idea what had happened to me, but once I had time to sit and consider I realized it was either the delohi-saqu had unleashed her powers on me or some sort of defense Kado set up. Anyone who made eye contact with Auren with the intent on causing her harm would feel a sudden and intense urge to protect her. Either way, it was becoming more apparent how powerful the two of them really were. Capturing her would not be as simple as I thought. I’d have to think my plans through more carefully.

Though I’d been out of her influence for nearly two weeks, I still felt drawn to her. In a way it was a blessing in disguise. I felt when she was with Kado or her friends or on her own now. I could use that to my advantage, but I wondered if it meant she could feel me too. She didn’t seem to be affected in the same way I had been. When I thought about it, it seemed more as though she heard something from the closet and was wondering what it had been. I wasn’t sure she saw me at all.

If she didn’t suspect anything, Kado certainly did. He had grown more guarded and suspicious. One afternoon he had even made eye contact with one of the surveillance cameras from his front yard. Next thing I knew, my view of them had gone fuzzy. It wasn’t possible that he could have seen the cameras or destroyed them from that distance, but when I checked them, I found all the cameras had been melted into small disks of wire and metal.

I was entirely convinced that maybe even Selyn and my father didn’t comprehend the fullness of Kado’s power. It had me wondering how Drevin had managed to capture Zain in the first place if Foramars possessed such formidable powers. I had to settle for spending my days watching the house from a distance with binoculars.

I was about to leave for the night when a car stopped just up the road from Kado’s house. No one got out at first, and I couldn’t see who it was through the tinted glass. It was as though they were waiting for someone, but no house in the neighborhood had their lights on. It was late and everyone had gone to bed long before now. Kado seemed the only one to stay up so late, as though he was waiting for something himself and even he had turned his light off finally about forty-five minutes before. I wasn’t even sure why I stayed, except that my perch gave me a good view of Auren through her window, and I still felt compelled to be near her.

I settled myself back down, deciding I would wait and see what these newcomers were doing there. It was not a hydrocar I’d seen in the neighborhood before. Another hour passed before someone climbed out of the vehicle. It was the girl. Auren’s blond friend. Moments later the boy climbed out as well. They leaned against the hydrocar, watching the house, their frustration growing as the minutes ticked by. Finally, the boy walked towards Kado’s house. He bent over to pick something up and threw it at the house.

When nothing happened he did it again, but this time Auren had opened her window and it looked like whatever he threw had hit her instead of the window. I couldn’t make out their words, but I assumed Auren would be leaving with them when she jumped to a nearby tree and made her way to the ground. This was it. If she was going somewhere with her friends, he might finally be able to capture her, as long as he avoided making eye contact with her. I was surprised she slipped away from Kado so easily, though.

I followed her throughout the night through the shadow world. They stopped for a few hours rest on one of the islands, and arrived on Luten Island late the following morning. They abandoned the hydrocar near the forest and hiked into the hills where I’d seen her with Kado the summer before. Just before they left the island. I waited until they began setting up their camp and shifted to Nadiria. I would never be able to approach her through the shadow world. If I tried, I’d end up in their camping spot long after they’d left. I would have to catch up with her another way.

Nadiria was only a few hours ride to Luten Isle. I’d be back by nightfall.

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