I Love My Couch! It’s Like a Wall

I Love My Couch! It’s Like a Wall

It is about—in height—yay tall,
the cushions tan are very firm;
they will not give, you may discern.
If you sit down upon the couch
it will not stand for you to slouch,
the seats are wond’rous like a brick
so pile upon some pillows thick.
Take flight all thought of cuddling too—
this skinny couch has not much room.
The edges square are most imposing,
but they don’t make for good reposing,
and as for any power of bounce
it’s very slight—might move an ounce
(at most) and all the velvet fuzz
puts one in mind of tiny rugs
(or fancy buttoned-up fur coats
or Aunty Mabel’s strange stuffed stoat).
To sit upon it is no chore,
it’s almost softer than the floor.
It looks quite nice within the room
and matches with the curtains too!

This is my couch—it’s like a wall
but not much like a couch at all.

— Sara Barkat, co-author of The Loki Goodness Campaign

T. S. Poetry

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