I have hesitated to write this on my blog; mostly I just haven’t felt like writing at all. I am in a very depressed state right now.

I have often talked on my blog about living on Weiss Lake; how peaceful it is and how much I love it. We knew we were living in a flood zone and could not purchase home insurance. We accepted that was a price we had to pay to live a simple life on the lake.

After living there for over 20 years, we have only flooded once, back in 2003. Normal pool level is 564′. That year the water rose to 567′ and only got into our porch a couple of inches. We had to pull up the ruined carpeting and replace the molding on the walls.

Our home is a 1965 model, 8′ x 32″, that we have built on to. We originally  built a level ground patio, and later took in most of the patio to add a living room and office, with steps leading up into the trailer.

On Sunday, December 27, the river began to flood. We moved what we could to higher ground and grabbed what we could take with us. The water was rising fast and nearly covered our driveway by the time we left.

We have been in a local hotel for 9 nights, going on to 10 nights, since December 27th. Red Cross did help us pay for 5 nights at the hotel and we have had people bring us food. So, people are helping.

We went to check on things yesterday afternoon, but the water still covered the road leading into our home. This morning, however, the water is down to 565′ and we are going this morning to check on things. We should be able to get in to see what is salvageable and what is a total loss.

FEMA has been helping us look for a handicapped camper trailer that we can move in to our land and hook it to the truck and pull it out if we ever get flooded again. My husband is a disabled vet and I am disabled, also. My husband does work as a CNP Manager at a local school. Together we make around $28,000 a year.

Family has helped us get funding to purchase a FEMA handicapped trailer, but there is so much more needed; getting everything set-up costs, getting our old home demolished and bulldozed away costs, plus we may have to have some trees cut down.

Our youngest daughter has set-up a go-fund-me account for us. Every donation, however small, is much appreciated. If you would like to help, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/ftgqsjdw

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,