Makari’s Mission Chapter 10 Sneak Peek

Renee Scattergood

Makari’s Mission Chapter 10 Sneak Peek

I had no idea what had happened to me, but once I had time to sit and consider I realized it was either the delohi-saqu had unleashed her powers on me or some sort of defense Kado set up. Anyone who made eye contact with Auren with the intent on causing her harm would feel a sudden and intense urge to protect her. Either way, it was becoming more apparent how powerful the two of them really were. Capturing her would not be as simple as I thought. I’d have to think my plans through more carefully.

Though I’d been out of her influence for nearly two weeks, I still felt drawn to her. In a way it was a blessing in disguise. I felt when she was with Kado or her friends or on her own now. I could use that to my advantage, but I wondered if it meant she could feel me too. She didn’t seem to be affected in the same way I had been. When I thought about it, it seemed more as though she heard something from the closet and was wondering what it had been. I wasn’t sure she saw me at all.

If she didn’t suspect anything, Kado certainly did. He had grown more guarded and suspicious. One afternoon he had even made eye contact with one of the surveillance cameras from his front yard. Next thing I knew, my view of them had gone fuzzy. It wasn’t possible that he could have seen the cameras or destroyed them from that distance, but when I checked them, I found all the cameras had been melted into small disks of wire and metal.

I was entirely convinced that maybe even Selyn and my father didn’t comprehend the fullness of Kado’s power. It had me wondering how Drevin had managed to capture Zain in the first place if Foramars possessed such formidable powers. I had to settle for spending my days watching the house from a distance with binoculars.

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