Peppermint – A Scent of the Season

Peppermint - A Scent of the Season We all know that peppermint brings a burst of invigorating coolness to everything from cakes, candy, cookies, hot chocolate, and tea, but did you know that peppermint-flavored foods get their punch from peppermint essential oil? Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) is steam distilled from the flowering plant. It has... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Sneak Peek

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Sneak Peek Kado wouldn’t let me leave his side for a couple of days, but then a big part of me didn’t want to. I needed his strength in order to cope, but he wouldn’t let me wallow forever. As soon as he was sure I wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

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