Imprisoning a Duel Discord Cover 2

Imprisoning a Duel Discord – Book Trailer

Book Trailer Attributions: Imprisoning a Duel Discord – Music: Louise Fantasy Adventures – “Angevin B” Kevin MacLeod (

Imprisoning a Duel Discord Description

The world is in musical order. To maintain balance, a team of Government Agents, named Harmony, track down, experiment on and sometimes kill those who express the music of dissonance. Those like Psycha, a duel Discord of Vyla and Sios; a prime lab rat to Harmony. Being able to disrupt harmony by voice and hands alone makes Psycha far more dangerous than the usual Discord. Will she run into trouble trying to protect her boyfriend, Caleb? Will her desire to destroy Harmony prove fatal for her? What will be left of her if she ever gets captured?

Louise Findlay - Dreamless Roads

Louise Findlay – A fantasy writer who creates short tales about many supernatural creatures and the adventures they embark upon.

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