The Ballad of Further Down the Line

The Ballad of Further Down the Line
Part 1

We left behind the them and us –
divisions in the villages,
uncivil tongues and civic fuss,
the laws of privilege –

to tax the molecules that rush
and pay their dues without a fuss
that rush for no good reason, but
the laws of physics say they must.

The energy that’s everywhere –
we took its measure, learned its worth.
We pluck it from the vivid air,
we suck it from the living earth.

Now panels tilt and turbines stand
– familiar reassuring sight –
around the town, across the land
there will be heat and light tonight

And laid in fields or stood in rows
slim sentinels stand surety –
exposed as they themselves expose
the myth of landscape’s purity.

On country acre, city roof
alert, unblinking compound eye –
and standing tall without excuse
regret-me-nots against the sky.

— Matt Harvey, author of The Element in the Room

This poem is offered as part of our November theme: Math, Science, Tech

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