Makari’s Mission Chapter 4 Sneak Peek


Makari’s Mission Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

It was late afternoon by the time I reached Appolia City, the capital of Appolia. I needed to be discreet. While the villagers may not have recognized my uniform for what it was, I was sure there would be people here that would, especially near government facilities. I considered stealing a change of clothes, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the time. I had the ability to hide in the shadow world if necessary, and I could shift to any room or area I needed to explore once it was unoccupied.

Appolia City wasn’t familiar to me, so I grabbed a street directory and quickly disappeared into a deserted alley where I could look through it. Kado had been driving a vehicle, so it had to be registered. I simply needed to figure out where they kept those records, and hope I’d find something about where Kado might be staying. Of course, he might be staying nowhere near this city, so I would check the major cities first, then their surrounding suburbs and rural areas. Eventually I would find him.


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