Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Physics

You can run but you can’t Hyde. This is a dark matter
of which
you speak. Your options spiral fast & deep, growing
weighty as a
hill of beans, massive as choice. Perhaps this half-life is
better than
none. Turn back when you get to any destination. You
expect some sort of view, a reward for following the
rules to their
logical conclusions. Think again. Sink again, but don’t
blink again.
In the event of an event, seek the horizon. Call your
physicist to go
black in the morning. Don’t suck me into your empty
center —
I’ve already got plenty of nothing to go around. & don’t
be so
dense, going on about destiny, as if the universe
revolves around
you. The hole problem lacks substance — not that it
particulately matters.

— Susan Lewis, author of How To Be Another

T. S. Poetry

This poem is offered as part of our November theme: Math, Science, Tech

Poetry. The prose poems in HOW TO BE ANOTHER approach the exploration of empathy and its lack via a range of aesthetic and structural stances, from flash fiction and parable to more abstract and fragmented vocal, cultural and lexical assemblages, probing the intersection of recognition and surprise, and worrying at the absurd but ineluctable rub of opposites.


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