Lacuna, Lacustrine

Lacuna, Lacustrine

The lake has a hold in it
is what the child says
The lake has a hold in it where the fish jump through
by which she means
when like a needle then a fish does jump
bite and dive
lake filling where the body was and closing in on its
just as the fish’s mouth had shut
round something that we could not see
(but faster, imperceptibly)
by which the child means
waving now
because the wind is up and cold
and we’ve turned back
and fog has muffled even the gull’s cries
hammered as they’ve been this while to sky above the
by which she means
the child
waving now
hold most emphatically and not goodbye
palm cupped in
the Italian way
in a gesture of possession
because the hand has not yet learned to turn outward

— Kathy Fagan, author of MOVING & ST RAGE

T. S. Poetry

Kathy Fagan’s long awaited second collection keeps revealing new strengths, new powers. Its words are of unsparing rigor; its intelligence and vision continually spring forward in changed ways. These are poems both revealing and resistant: deeply felt, deeply communicative, yet avoiding any easy lyricism. Again and again the reader pauses, astonished by some fresh turn of language, of insight, of terrain. Moving & ST Rage offers extraordinary pleasures, clarities, and depth.


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