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When the Moon’s in Libra, the beauty way calls us to balance our lives and loves. The mood is sociable, friendly, open, diplomatic, romantic, curious, indecisive, and aesthetic. It’s time to pursue social justice and negotiate as equals, time to beautify our world and nurture relationships.


…Yes, this life is a soar and a swing

for she who can see

the high wires and wings.

And this life is a silly rhyme for she who’s

ripped the gag from her throat to sing.

And it’s a hop, skip, and a jump for she who

has hacked the shackles from her feet.

And this whole world is a prayer where she

daily files the callus from off her heart.

…Yes; then it is fun and then it is free, the

holy mess of our lives won so relentlessly.

excerpt * Anne Benvenuti 2005

We’Moon 2015 pg. 75

New Moon in Libra Balancing Oil Recipe 
Blend together the following essential oils with 1 ounce carrier oil:
15 drops Rose Geranium http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/geranium-essential-oil/profile
15 drops Palmarosa http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/palmarosa-essential-oil/profile
15 drops Ylang-Ylang  http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/ylang-ylang-essential-oil/profile
Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed.
Use this blend to bring balance and understanding to your life.
Use to Anoint yourself, Anoint Candles, and/or place 3 to 5 drops of blend to water in an aroma lamp dish.
This blend may also be used in the bath; 10 to 15 drops.

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist

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