Somewhere in a Dark Auditorium

Somewhere in a Dark Auditorium

A ballerina will not stop
inserting her small foot
into a slim pink shoe,
crisscrossing silk ribbons
over the bone of ankle.
Sometimes I slip into the inside
of her body, where the soul
wells into the walls that cup
the music, quivering there
like a diver in a swarm
of tropical fishes, her shape brushed
with undulations of hunger
and wonder, a hundred bodies
of tremulous light. The dancer’s shoes
fill with flesh; her flesh
brims with music. What can she do
with such hunger, such sadness?
What can her body do
but tremble and spill
into dance?

— Linda Tomol Pennisi, author of Seamless

T. S. Poetry

Winner of the 2003 Perugia Press Prize, SEAMLESS is the impressive debut poetry collection by Linda Tomol Pennisi. The poems approach the slippery and subtle areas between beauty and darkness, between sanity and disorientation, between hunger and survival, and in so doing create a coherent story about the grace and fragility of being human. Pennisi’s light touch and restraint set these poems apart. Her language is masterful, varied, musical, sexy, and precise.


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