Absinthe Poem

I told a boy in London that he had eyes
that could drown a girl, and I don’t know why he
kissed me a moment afterwards.

How easy it is, I thought with his hands on my waist,
to turn someone on with such a blatant desire to drown.

And I stood there in the rain with a beautiful boy who
knew exactly
where to put his hands, and I couldn’t stop thinking
of how I had never felt less beautiful

So I closed my eyes and was there again,

to that night where we sat side by side with our naked
in the lake, with the land and water a Rorschach

with the stars like fish in the sky
that swam when we dipped our toes in
and made ripples, laughing with our limbs
like broken swan wings,

and my heart caught in my throat
in the shape of your laugh.

— Shinji Moon, author of The Anatomy of Being

T. S. Poetry