Book Spotlight – The Dragon Tempest

Queen of the Fairies by D.B. Mauldin

The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in a variety of fantasy genres, including dark, light, adventure, and epic. Creatures from all worlds abound: dragons, angels, centaurs, witches, gods and goddesses, and those lurking below the water’s surface. Whether you’re moved by tales of battle and bloodshed, suspense, humor, or enlightenment, The Dragon Tempest will leave you craving more from each author. Such a diversity of great tales of the fantastic to enjoy will leave no room for disappointment.

When asked what their favourite attribute for any one character in their short story (good, bad or otherwise) was, these Dragon Tempest contributors responded with…

The Dragon TempestASEMRA

Pride. Asemra is a very proud and it can sometimes lead her into trouble. She is proud of her heritage, being descended from Lucifer himself, and wreaks destruction on all who seek to tarnish it.

This leads to many challengers who wish to…

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