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Published By Dragon Knight Chronicles.

An Elf, A Dragon and A God’s Intervention

By: KJ Hawkins

The sun was waning on the horizon and Blake started to dread the idea of staying overnight in this forbidden land. He didn’t even feel comfort from Meisha’s presence hovering above the tree tops. She was always carefully scouting ahead for danger.

“At least one of us needs to be able to see what is coming. As far as we know, Blackmoon could be leading us into a trap.”

“Don’t be so hasty little one,” Meisha teased. “There has been no reason not to trust the kyre.”

He sighed letting her win another argument. It was always easier to play dumb with Meisha. Like all dragons, she was a sore loser. Blake was so busy mind speaking with Meisha, he didn’t realize Blackmoon had stopped until he was…

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