DIY: Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe

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DIY: Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe


Not too many weeks ago, I had the pleasure of driving down the I-5 and back, taking detours to explore lakes and forests along the way. This road trip was planned well in advance, so I had time to prepare a few herbal luxury items including an herbal infused witch hazel for freshening up our faces and this lovely hand sanitizer recipe based on our version of the Four Thieves® Oil Blend recipe.

I didn’t want to make something as intense as the commercial gels you find at your local convenience store, but something natural that behaves similarly: goes on easy, dries up quickly, and has a powerful botanical base. I absolutely love the combination of ingredients in the final formula! The alcohol (roughly 20% of the total recipe), combined with the aloe vera gel, dried up very quickly, leaving my hands soft and refreshed and smelling wonderful.

This recipe isn’t meant to replace soap and water, but is a great option for getting you through tough spots when soap and water isn’t an option.

This beloved blend of essential oils can be used in so many ways!

 DIY: Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe Ingredients

*It is important for this recipe to use Cinnamon Leaf oil instead of Cinnamon Bark. Cinnamon Bark is much stronger than the leaf, and works better as part of a diffusing blend or spray, when applied topically it can be very irritating. If making this recipe for younger folks, you might want to omit the Cinnamon altogether as it is very strong. If attempting to make a recipe for toddlers or babies we highly recommend avoiding essential oils all together.


  1. Carefully drip the essential oils into the vodka, counting as you go. Shake well.
  2. Combine Aloe Vera Gel and vodka in plastic flip top bottle.
  3. Shake well to mix all ingredients and enjoy!

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