Murder, Mayhem, and Magic Cover Reveal

Murder, Mayhem, and Magic Cover Reveal



Release date: September 1st
Party date: September 5th and 6th
Published with: Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

Murder, Mayhem, and Magic
By Mel Skubich & Stevie Conradi

Synopsis: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes.

But what if the truth is not only improbable, but otherworldly? Meet Alistair Gordon and Jerome Garibaldi, two Victorian gentlemen and part-time sleuths. Not only do they follow in the footsteps of the greatest detective who never lived, they meet more than they bargained for when a case of magic goes horribly wrong.

Accompany them on a journey through several Victorian murder mysteries, from a marriage that was not meant to be to a match celebrated with rose-petals. Join Alistair as his investigations lead him to opium dens and follow Jerome turn his life around as he stops being a…

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Initiate Most likely the fear arrived with a clown too soon. Unlike the more subtle disguises, and always mother and her kind, the silent siren of the red nose said—be afraid—recalling faces in the car pulled over, the anger afterward, or the streak of red, the scream-engine passing—buried for a nightmare. It was the latex... Continue Reading →

This Changes Everything (The Spanner Series Book 1) – Book Review

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The Taste of Rust in August

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Guess 1 The jacaranda, for instance, is beautiful but not serious. That much I can guess. And that the view is softened by curtains. That the present moment is an exception, is the queen bee the hive serves, or else an orphan. 2 So the jacaranda is foreign and extravagant. It gestures in the distance. Between... Continue Reading →

Updates on Health and Healing Essential Oils

Updates on Health and Healing Essential Oils Visit: For more information. Purchase all of your Spiritual Aromatherapy Needs at: Debra Mauldin Certified Aromatherapist

Morning Prayer and Healing Affirmation

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