August Monthly Specials (Specialty Oils)

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August Monthly Specials (Specialty Oils)

Discounts Good through August 31st

Comfrey Herbal Oil

Comfrey Herbal Oil15% Off

2 oz. only $6.38

Comfrey Oil is a valuable ally that is traditionally used for general wound healing and for skin cell proliferation. Our Comfrey Herbal Oil is solar infused in a window on site using certified organic Comfrey leaves and roots (Symphytum officinale), organic Olive oil and a pinch of Vitamin E oil. Not to be used on dirty or open wounds.


Organic Comfrey leaves and roots, Organic Olive oil, Vitamin E oil

Injur-Heal Herbal Oil

Injur Heal Herbal Oil15% Off

2 oz. only $13.39

This is an exceptional oil for topical pain relief. Our Injur Heal Herbal Oil is an excellent external treatment for bumps, aches, pains and strains. A perfect remedy for exhausted bodies, this oil can be used immediately after strenuous exercise, exertion, or injury. This oil is concentrated, so a little goes a long way! Apply a little at a time and feel better!


Wildharvested St. John’s Wort flowers, organic Arnica flowers, organic Calendula flowers, organic Olive oil, organic Lavender essential oil

Purchase before August 31, 2015!



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