Summer Sale of 2015

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Arnica Massage Oil

It’s time for the next recipe in our Summer Sale of 2015!

We love to make this deeply penetrating and soothing herbal massage oil for the occasional aches and pains we endure. Ideal for sore muscles and the minor bumps and bruises that result from hiking, gardening, long bike rides, yard work, and other physical activities. This oil also makes a wonderful salve base!

Now through August 16th!
Arnica Massage Oil Recipe
1 cup dried organic arnica flowers
2 cups organic olive oil
10 drops organic rosemary essential oil
10 drops organic eucalyptus essential oil
1 tsp Vitamin E Oil
Mix olive oil and vitamin E oil together. Place arnica flowers in a dry pint jar and pour the mixed oil into the jar, completely covering the flowers. Shake or stir and add more oil if needed. Cap the jar tightly. Place on a warm windowsill and shake once per day. After 4 – 6 weeks, strain the herbs out of the oil by using a cheesecloth. Make sure to squeeze every precious drop of oil out! Add essential oils and roll the jar to distribute. Pour into glass bottles and store in a cool dark place until needed.
Dried Organic Arnica Flowers
Arnica Flowers
1 ounce only $6.94

Organic Olive Oil
Olive Oil

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