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Today Paws4Thought welcomes Fauxpocalypse author Jane Thomson. Tell us a little bit about yourself Jane.

I live in the capital of Australia, which is basically a small town no one goes to unless they have to.  My great dream is to live in the mountains with only ten dogs, three horses and a couple of echidnas for company.  My great nightmare is to be so successful as a writer that people demand that I finish my next book (pressure!).

How did you come up with the idea for your Fauxpocalypse story The Children’s Crusade?

The Children’s Crusade was a tragic crusade to Palestine organized in the middle ages: most of the kids died on the way and many ended up being sold as slaves.  I was trying to imagine a child’s eye view of this momentous event – the apocalypse – and came up with the idea of…

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Photograph The family pontoon attempts to usurp dominant contrast though your twin brother sticks out his chest like a gangster— your father’s fedora slopes too close to his nose. Straight as the safety railing, your older brother locks hands on hips. He manages a squint for the camera. The boat blushes mimosa pink to be... Continue Reading →

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