Author, Lee Dunning

The Multi-Layered Antagonist

When sitting down to design your characters it’s easy to get wrapped up in your protagonist(s). They’re the good guys, the heroes of your story, and it’s fun to beat them up, and then watch them rise above to overcome the bad guy. What folks forget, though is that your hero is only as good as the adversary he goes up against. Don’t neglect your antagonist.

When I say don’t neglect the antagonist, I don’t mean to simply make them vile and powerful. It’s all too easy to have Reginald the Rapacious wipe out a village or two as a means of establishing his villainy, and leave it at that. Yuck.

A complex, multi-layered antagonist is much more interesting, and will serve to bring the overall quality of your story up. Heck, your antagonist might not even be a bad person. She might be fully convinced that…

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