Writing and the Day Job

Author, Christine Haggerty


I have been a ‘full time’ author for nearly two years. I left my previous career behind for the benefit of my family and pursued the dream. I’m still loving the writing–far more than any of the marketing :)–but with college expenses for the oldest son, I’m jumping back into teaching.

And I’m nervous. Not about the teaching–that really is like getting back on a bicycle–but about keeping up with my writing and publishing goals. I have a plan, but reality always likes to spin things a little differently. Will I have time to write? When? Can I count on it? Will I get anything done?

Those of you who already manage to write on top of a full time job probably think I’m whining. And in some respects I guess I am. I will admit I’ve been spoiled, although the reason I stopped working in the first place was…

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