White Wind Rising Free on Amazon right now!

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Dan Davis Writes

WHITE WIND RISING Gunpowder & Alchemy Book 1 is free on Amazon right now through until the end of Monday (22nd June)!

Download now from Amazon US and Amazon UK  and enjoy!

White Wind Rising Gunpowder and Alchemy Book 1 available now on Kindle

All Archer wants is to ask the Alchemist for more food for his family. Instead he is thrown into prison and must escape Bede’s Tower with nothing more than his bow and his wits.

Inside he meets Writer, Weaver and Keeper who are children like him and Burp, who is not. If they can defeat Bede then their only means of escape is by dragon-powered balloon.

To survive the perils of the journey home they will have to tackle magic storms, face the guardian wolves and battle the dangerous redcoat who lurks in the Moon Forest.

If they are to have any hope of victory then they must learn to bend the…

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