Author, Rebecca Jaycox

The Weaving Word

Solstice TourEnjoy this month-long tour featuring authors of all fantasy genres.  Maybe among them you will find a new favorite! (Note that I have not read all of these works, and their appearance here is not necessarily a personal endorsement.)

Rebecca Jaycox is today’s featured author from the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers’ Tour.

Help us get to know you better!  What do you write, and how do you describe yourself as an author?

I write YA fantasy, but I’ve also started an adult UF novel and am dabbling in steampunk.  I would describe myself as an author with cinematic taste for action scenes and tough heroines.

Of all the characters you’ve created, which one do you wish you could hang out with in real life and why?

Brwyn, my Wolf Changeling! Brwyn is fun, sexy, and unpredictable. On the surface he appears to be up to no good, but he’s the guy…

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