Solstice Tour: Louise Findlay

Solstice Tour – Louise Findlay

Joshua Robertson

Developing Antagonists

I have a big liking for villains. I suppose Once Upon A Time is rubbing off on me. Their backstory is as interesting as the plot itself. Weaving a tale of doom and gloom to explain how an ordinary person became entwined with the forces of darkness is enchanting to say the least. A familial feud or vengeance fuelled by the flames of love. The possibilities are endless.

An antagonist has to be as well developed as a protagonist. Their backstory is as intricately detailed as any other main character. The extent to what a villain will do to gain vengeance is surprising. Their unwavering belief that someone or something caused their unhappiness like a curse upon their very soul.

This is why I find villains fascinating. I have written short stories in the perspective of demons where the heroes are defeated but the most interesting of all…

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