Skeletal – A Book Review



Author, Katherine Hayton

Book Synopsis

Three months before she died Daina Harrow faced a bully at school.
Six weeks before she died Daina Harrow suffered an assault in the park.
One week before she died Daina Harrow stole a secret people had killed to hide.

That was ten years ago. Ten long years.

Now, her bones have been found on a building site. A coroner’s inquest has been reopened. A parade of witnesses is about to start.
And Daina’s here. Watching every day as her mother cries in the courtroom. Watching every day as her friends, and her enemies, and her killers lie about her on the stand.
Watching, and making sure that no matter what the coroner hears, you know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So help you God.

Book Review

Skeletal is an unique story of a dead girl telling the reader about her life through her point of view. The story caught my attention from the beginning and held it until the end. There is action, along with twists and turns.

The author, Katherine Hayton, does a great job creating the characters and the world the protagonist lived in. She shows the harsh side of life; being poor, bullied, and uncared for. The protagonist has to grow up fast and take care of herself. Still, she finds herself dead.

Skeletal touches on the brash; alcoholics, drug abuse, murder, rape, and stealing. There are lies, back-stabbing, and violence.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Skeletal and highly recommend it.

I received a free PDF copy from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars


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