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Published By Dragon Knight Chronicles.

The Gem of Alismar

By: Matthew Frassetti

“So, you plan to attempt the trials?” the man asked Abriel.
“Yes, it’s my only hope to restore my health and save Elise.”
“And that’s the fabled gem I take it?” The man pointed at Abriel’s sword, leaning up against the corner wall. A small, bright, glistening red gem hung from the hilt. The gem of Alismar.
“Yep,” he replied. “It will open the cave to the trials.”
“But the trials are suicide. No one has ever completed them.”
Abriel sighed in frustration. This conversation was extremely familiar to him, as anyone who had ever identified his illness, or spotted the gem of Alismar hanging from his sword, had tried to talk him out of attempting the trials of Samael. But what choice did he have? He was dying, and this was…

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