Shadow Stalker, Part One, (Episodes 1 – 6) – Book Interview

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Shadow Stalker, Part One (Episodes 1 – 6)

Book Interview

Why did the schools teach that the Galvadi Empire was founded on a peaceful, religious order?

It was the Coalition’s way of preventing paranoia and fear over the possibility of the Galvadi Empire invading and trying to indoctrinate people into their religion again.

What are the reconciliation centers?

According to the Galvadi they are places where people are cleansed of the influence of the delohi-saqu, who is supposedly able to get into people’s minds and control them without them knowing. In reality, they are places where people are taken to be tortured and brainwashed to believe what Drevin wants them to believe so he can control them.

How many Isles are on Serpent Isles?

There are a lot. The two largest ones are Appolia in the far north and Nadiria in the south. Then there are dozens of others that are about a third of the size of those two or smaller. Some of them are so small they’re either uninhabited or have very few people living on them. It was on those smaller islands where Kado hid with Auren when she was a baby.

Tell us about the deadly, poisonous, and venomous plants on the Dark Isle.

Most of the islands on that world have venomous plant life. The Serpent Isles is one of the very few exceptions. Humans are not indigenous to the world (as you will find out later in the series), so they’ve had to learn to adapt. So the plants on the Dark Isle are actually quite common (though different island chains have different plants).

The venom in the plants is used to either incapacitate or digest its victims (or in some cases both). They are actually a really important part of the ecosystem on that world because they keep down the populations of carnivorous animals, which are actually far worse than the plants when their numbers are out of control.

How do the Shadow Stalkers choose those who should mate?

They don’t. It’s the shadow people who choose mates for the shadow stalkers. The reason for this is because they can see beforehand what kind of children a couple will bring into the world. For regular humans, having a child who grows up to be a psychotic mass murderer is not really such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But for a shadow stalker, with the powers they possess, it can be really dangerous. While their powers can be revoked when they break the code set out by the shadow people, their influence can still be strong enough to threaten the entire human population, as we’re seeing with Drevin.

The shadow people choose mates for the shadow stalkers based on what kind of children they will have. They created the shadow stalkers and have a specific purpose for them. So they only want children born who will fulfill that purpose.

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