Shadow Stalker Episode 7: Bound By Fate – Book Review

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Shadow Stalker Episode 7: Bound By Fate

Book Review

Author, Renee Scattergood


Auren escapes the Dark Isle to find things are worse on Appolia than she imagines. Very few have survived the invasion of the Galvadi Empire, and even her best friend, Jade, has gone missing.

While attempting a rescue, Auren is captured and faces abuse and torture at the hands of her enemies. She knows as long as she can hide her true identity, she might succeed in helping the Coalition, but one of the Galvadi knows she is the delohi-saqu. For his silence, she is forced to pay the ultimate price.

Book Review

Once again, Author, Renee Scattergood has written a Shadow Stalker Episode full of mystery and suspense that will leave the reader spellbound. Auren shows us exactly how strong of a character she is. On her own, she tries to execute a plan to free her father and her friend, but destiny has it’s own hand in play.

Auren’s fear and pain are written in each word. Her abuse and torture are very descriptive. Author, Renee Scattergood does a great job building the world of the Galvadi Empire.

I give Shadow Stalker Episode 7, Bound By Fate, five stars and highly recommend it to all fantasy readers that enjoy mystery and suspense mixed in.

5 Stars *****

Renee Scattergood


Renee Scattergood, author of the fantasy series, Shadow Stalker, and novella, Demon Hunt, lives in Australia with her husband and daughter. Aside from writing, she loves reading (Fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter. Find out more about her, and sign up for her newsletter on her blog:

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  1. Thanks so much for another awesome review, Debra! So glad you’re enjoying the series. Hope the darkness of upcoming episodes doesn’t scare too many people off. 😉


    1. Please darkness is what keeps everything interesting. 🙂 Keep it coming I think the episodes are finally going to kick into overdrive now…:) Awesome Review Debra did you love Bound by Fate as much as me…

      Liked by 1 person

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