Character Interview with Makari from Shadow Stalker Episode 7

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Character Interview with Makari

Today, I have Makari with me from Renee Scattergood’s series, Shadow Stalker.

Makari, you’re the son of Drevin, the emperor of the Galvadi Empire. What was it like growing up as a prince on Nadiria?

I wouldn’t say I grew up as a prince exactly. My father doesn’t acknowledge me as an heir. I’m just a means to an end for him.

That’s a pretty harsh outlook. What makes you think your father feels that way?

He told me. He made it very clear from the time I was young that I only had one purpose, which was to find the delohi-saqu. Beyond that, I was of no further use to him. If I did my job well, he might reconsider, but I have my doubts.

Why is that?

Just a feeling, but to answer your earlier question about what it was like growing up on Nadiria, I imagine it was just like it is for anyone else. When I was five I was sent to an academy. We are taught what it means to be a subject within the Galvadi Empire, how it is our emperor who protects our minds from the delohi-saqu through the cleansing, which we receive daily. When we are old enough, our aptitude is tested so we can be trained for our future jobs, which is how we serve the emperor. Once we are trained, we are assigned to our tasks, and we spend each day fulfilling our purposes for the empire.

You don’t get days off?

No, no days off. We do not need a day off from our lives.

What do you do for fun?

We do not require entertainment in order to serve the emperor.

Right, well, you said your purpose is to find the delohi-saqu. What do you plan to do with her when you find her?

I am to turn her over to my father.

And what does he plan to do with her?

Originally he only spoke of killing her, but as time goes on he grows more and more angry and resentful. I can’t say for certain, but I do believe he plans to make her suffer long before he kills her. I think he wants to use her to punish her father, Zain.

And you’re okay with condemning another human you’ve never met to that fate?

I have nothing personal against her and wish her no ill will, but I believe she needs to be stopped before she fulfills my father’s prophecy and enslaves the people of the Serpent Isles.

Well, that’s all we have time for today. Thank you for your time, Makari.

Makari nods.

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7 thoughts on “Character Interview with Makari from Shadow Stalker Episode 7

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  1. Thanks for sharing the interview with my newest character. I think Auren wants him to have his own Facebook page now… I’m not sure. I think things will end up getting too interesting if Drevin comes around. 😉

    Thanks for your support!

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  2. Can we say brainwashed much…but who knows Makari you might find yourself opening up more to change than you think…besides your dad is a jerk you really need to kick his butt…I am using pg words so feel free to replace them lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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