Addy’s Choice – Book Review



Addy's Choice 2

Addy’s Choice (Winchester Brothers Book 1)

Author, Nat Hobson


Sometimes the hardest thing about lowering our defences is the fear of how far we might fall.

That fear had been Adrienne Baxter’s driving force most of her life. It was far easier to hide behind her radio personality, feeding from her audience, than to risk exposure.

She had James, her brother by choice if not by blood. It was enough – most of the time.

As the co-host of the early morning breakfast show at Music 101, Adrienne is the confident, sassy presenter with the silver tongue and fast-talking wit.

When she meets Sebastian Davies, the station owner’s son, her carefully applied facade begins to slip. He presents a new kind of danger, because this time she could lose her heart.

Book Review

Addy’s Choice is a deliciously, well written, romance novel written by author, Nat Hobson. There are several strong characters, including Addy and Sebastian. The family dynamics in Addy’s Choice could be seen as dysfunctional, but instead are very endearing.

Addy is a professional radio personality, but she is her own worst enemy. She finds her strength in her brothers and friends.

There is some mystery and suspense added; just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. The romance novel includes some surprises too.

Overall, I give it 5 stars *****. I highly recommend Addy’s Choice to all lovers of romance that like a little spice added along the way.

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  1. Awesome review Debra 🙂 I am plowing through Addy’s Choice right now lol. Can’t get enough of it lol don’t even notice that an hour passed.

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