Passion’s Price (Passion Series Book 3) – Book Review

Passion' Price 3

Passion’s Price (Passion Series Book 3)

Author, Mary Adair


Golden dawn is the proud daughter of James Fitzgerald, retired English agent and fierce and the noble warrior, Red Panther, of The Principle People. Her mother is New Moon, Sister of Chief Dancing Cloud and known for her own prowess as a warrior and her uncanny gift of dreams. Dawn has grown up in a village where her golden curls and bright blue eyes of her father’s ancestry set her apart, yet her growing and impressive skills of hunting and tracking as well as her inherited gift of dreams brings her honor among the villagers of her beloved home. A vision comes to Golden Dawn and she knows she must leave her beloved home and travel to England to protect her childhood friend, Raven Cloud. Can she convince her beloved Raven that their paths are destined to be joined? Will she be strong enough to stand between Raven and the danger threatening him and live herself? Her questions are unanswered, her reaction to her dream is immediate. She will pay any price to save her Raven. Raven is the adopted son of James Fitzgerald. He is strong, brave, and talented in his skills as a warrior and provider. His unknown father, an Englishman, abandoned Raven’s pregnant mother to return to his English family. Raven became hard and angry at this father he never knew. His only sense of belonging comes from the little near-sister, Dawn, who idolizes him. He now owns a prosperous shipping business, and not all is well. Warehouses have burned and the lives of those he cares for are in danger. The last thing he needs now is the one person he loves above all others from his Cherokee village to arrive declaring she is there to save him. Passion’s Price is the story of woman willing to pay any price to realize her passion and a man who will deny his own passion to keep her safe.

Book Review

Author, Mary Adair’s, Passion’s Price is a well-written, action packed, adventure and love story in one. Passion Series, Book 3, continues with the story of Raven and Dawn. This book contains intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Just when you think you have the story figured out, you come across twists and turns that throw you off the trail.

Dawn, who is half white and half Cherokee, inherited the light skin and hair of her father and the warrior spirit of her mother. She is a healer and receives visions from the Great Spirit. She follows her path that the Great Spirit has shown her. Her travels take her from Chota Town in North America to London, England.

I loved the grandmother’s in Passion’s Price. Their characters throw intrigue, love, and laughter into the story. They are much smarter than they seem.

I highly recommend Passion’s Price to all readers that enjoy reading a historical, mystery, and romance book.

I received a PDF copy from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you for your review. Reviews, good or bad, are greatly appreciated. They are not only a benefit to readers when looking for that perfect story, they also help the author stay in touch with what their readers love to read.

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