Character Interview with Dosien from the Shadow Stalker Series

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Character Interview with Dosien from the Shadow Stalker Series

Today we were visited by Dosien from the Shadow Stalker Series by Renee Scattergood. Dosien is a shadow stalker, the elder of his village, Ganida, and Auren’s Uncle.

Dosien, you’re Auren’s mother’s brother, right?

Yes, I am.

Did you know Auren’s father, Zain, very well?

I had met him a couple of times, but I didn’t know him very well.

It must have been hard when your sister died. Did you often wonder what happened to her child?

Yes, it was very difficult. I was close with my sister even though we grew up in different villages. We still saw each other a couple of times a year, and we maintained a strong bond with one another.

As far as what happened to Auren, I suspected she had been rescued even though many people believed the Galvadi had murdered her. Kado had disappeared at the same time and though no one else found that suspicious, I knew there was something to it. I kept my thoughts to myself, though, to protect my niece.

Did you see Kado often when he was growing up?

My sister often brought him and Cathnor with her when she came to visit. They were both good boys, though Kado had a wild streak as a youngster.

Did you grow up in Ganida?

Yes, and my sister grew up in Adaliasa, which is how she met Zain. It was an interesting situation because she and Zain had feelings for each other since they were adolescents, but they were told they were not allowed to be mated with each other. Zain had originally been mated with another woman, who died a year before Drevin had his supposed prophetic dream about my niece. They had two boys who died fairly young in the first war against the Galvadi.

I thought Drevin predicted the Foramar’s first child would be the one who would enslave the people of the Serpent Isles.

He referred to the first child with his new wife, Frai, Auren’s mother.

So how did he and Frai eventually get together if they had been forbidden to mate?

Several months after his first wife died, Zain dreamed about Frai, and consulted the shadow people who informed him she was to be his next mate. It’s never been clear why she couldn’t have been his mate to begin with.

How did the people in your village escape the attack on the Dark Isle?

Adaliasa was the only village that really came under attack. My guess is they focused on that one village because it’s where the Foramar and his wife lived. They knew they were losing the war and it was their last chance to kill the delohi-saqu before he or she was born. We were warned as soon as the attack came, and we left the Dark Isle. Some went to aid those in Adaliasa, but many of them were captured or killed. The Galvadi had developed a weapon that could neutralize our power.

It’s hard to imagine that such a weapon exists.

Yes, it is, and as of yet, we still do not know how to counter it.

Well that’s all we have time for today, Dosien. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. It was great getting to meet you.

The pleasure was all mine.

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Renee Scattergood

Renee Scattergood lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. She has always been a fan of fantasy and was inspired to become a story-teller by George Lucas, but didn’t start considering writing down her stories until she reached her late twenties. Now she enjoys writing fantasy. She is currently publishing her monthly Shadow Stalker series, and she has also published a prequel novella to the series called, Demon Hunt. Aside from writing, she loves reading (Fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter.

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