‘Pretty Things’ Book Interview

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The Grimm Chronicles

Pretty Things

A Robber Bridegroom Tale

Author, Christine Haggerty

Book Interview

What can you tell us about the main character, Maddie, without giving too much away?

Maddie is jealous of the attention her father has been giving her new stepmother, and she starts seeking attention from other boys.

Is Maddie’s stepmother a typical evil stepmother?

Maddie’s stepmother isn’t evil as much as she’s misunderstood by her stepdaughter. Joanna, the stepmother in the story, has quite a past of her own.

What is the “Evil Stepmother Syndrome”?

It’s mostly Maddie’s excuse for behaving the way she does. She blames every hardship in her life on the new woman in the house rather than being accountable for her own choices.

Why did Maddie’s father take her to the town square in a livestock wagon?

Maddie was naughty. 🙂

What is the significance of a house in the woods?

The house in the woods is part of the original fairy tale. It’s scary to get in there, and even scarier to get out.

Pretty Things Cover for The Grimm Chronicles

When Maddie’s father catches her with a boy, he hauls her into town in a pig wagon and finds her a husband. But Peter’s cabin in the woods promises something very different than Maddie’s happily ever after. 

Pretty Things, a retelling of “The Robber Bridegroom,” is the first novella in the Grimm Chronicles series. Warning: not your granny’s fairytales!

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