The Grimms Chronicles ‘Pretty Things’ – Book Review

Pretty Things Cover for The Grimm Chronicles

The Grimm Chronicles

Pretty Things

A Robber Bridegroom Tale

Author, Christine Haggerty

Book Review


When Maddie’s father catches her with a boy, he hauls her into town in a pig wagon and finds her a husband. But Peter’s cabin in the woods promises something very different than Maddie’s happily ever after.

Pretty Things, a retelling of “The Robber Bridegroom,” is the first novella in the Grimm Chronicles series. Warning: not your granny’s fairytales!

Book Review

Author, Christine Haggerty has taken a classic fairy tale from the Grimm Brothers and rewritten it into a suspenseful fairy tale of her own. The Grimm Chronicles, Pretty Things has strong characters, constant action, twists, turns, and thrills, that held me spell bound throughout the novella.

I loved this novella and recommend it to all fairy tale lovers and readers of fantasy. I look forward to the next novella in Christine Haggerty’s The Grimm Chronicles.

Five Stars


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