Journey to Aviad – A Book Interview




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Journey to Aviad (Windrider Chronicles)

Author, Allison D. Reid

Book Interview

When did the idea for ‘Journey to Aviad’ first come to you?

      The idea came to me at a point when my life had just gone through some pretty significant changes. One of the things I had given up was the online roleplaying community that I had been a part of for many years. Morganne and Elowyn had come from that world. And while I did not regret leaving the game, the thought of abandoning them to oblivion was just too heartbreaking. So I thought it would be fun to preserve their lives some other way. The idea grew from a writing a single book, to creating an entire series. Their individual stories also changed and grew as I gave the plot more meaning and substance.


What can you tell us about the character creation of Elowyn? Morganne?

As game characters, Morganne was my seamstress who stayed well behind the fighting lines and helped others. Elowyn was initially designed to be my fighter so I could go out with my friends and not worry about getting Morganne killed. But Elowyn’s character quickly grew on me and I ended up protecting her just as fiercely. At some point I just had to fully embrace my role as a peaceful player, and I became above all else, a storyteller. As both characters developed beyond their initial purposes, I discovered within them different parts of my inner self. Morganne is studious, reflective, and focused. She demands a lot from herself, and doesn’t like to ask others for help. Her upbringing has placed a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. That has had a profound effect on the way she sees herself and the world around her. Even when her situation changes and she gains her freedom, there is an inner loneliness about her independence that remains with her into adulthood. Elowyn is more of a free spirit. She is highly sensitive, empathetic, and observant; easily awed by beauty, but equally horrified by the suffering of others. She seeks solitude in the wilderness without ever feeling alone. Whereas Morganne’s faith is more intellectual, Elowyn is readily moved by the Spirit.


Tell us about the Shadow Wood.

      The Shadow Wood is a dark, tangled place that only the bravest dare to enter. Elowyn watched many groups of bold warriors head into that region, but saw very few come out again. More about the Shadow Wood and its origins will be revealed in the next book, so to say any more would just be a spoiler.

Who is Alazoth?

Alazoth could be considered a highest level demon, a right hand man to the Shadow. He represents destruction (both physical and moral), chaos, and suffering. For a long time, he was banished from the earth, his powers restrained. But somehow he has been released into the world again (readers will find out how in the second book). Alazoth is an imposing figure in the series, cloaked in terrifying mystery as those who believe he has returned try desperately to warn the cynics who no longer believe in his existence.

What were the happenings that made Elowyn and Morganne go on a journey?


Many different things led to their decision to leave Tyroc, and to mention them all here would spoil the book for those who have not yet read it. But the simple version is that their world was changing. Political intrigue, long forgotten legends becoming real, and changes in family dynamics all culminated in the girls taking the most important journey of their lives.




Tell us about the relationship between Elowyn and Aviad.

Elowyn is young and her faith is simple. A lover of the natural world, she relates to Aviad as the Creator. She sees His hand in the beauty surrounding her, and hears His voice in the quiet of the woodlands. As the book progresses, she begins to expand her understanding of who Aviad is, deepening her relationship with Him, and her faith in His plan for her life.
What did the girls find when they arrived at the trading post?

Not what they expected! They had never known anyplace but Tyroc, the home of the Sovereign and the most significant city of that realm. The humble trading post gave them their first indication that the world beyond Tyroc’s walls was going to be very different from anything they had known before. 

Tell us about some of the people and places the girls encounter on their journey.


Their journey takes them far from the wealthy city of Tyroc to parts of the realm they had never given any thought to before, from other cities, to small farming villages, with many miles of wilderness in between. They make some very important connections with people who help them on their journey. But they also encounter unexpected dangers and harsh conditions that make them wonder if they will ever reach their final destination.



What is in the package for which the girls try to find a courier?

Heartfelt letters, from families to loved ones they had lost. But to understand their true significance, one must read the book.

In the end, you tell us that no journey begun by Aviad’s hand ever truly ends. When can we expect to hear more from Elowyn and Morganne’s journey?

Their tale continues in 2015!

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About the Author

Allison D. Reid was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her love for medieval fantasy was sparked by the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, which fed both her imagination and her spiritual development. When at the age of thirteen her family moved to Germany, her passion for medieval history and legend only increased, and she found herself captivated by the ancient towns and castles of Europe. Allison returned to the United States to study art and writing at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.  She earned her B.A. under the tutelage of the well-renowned and prolific writer Andrew Salkey, a student of her other great inspiration, and the father of fantasy, J. R. R. Tolkien. After graduating from Hampshire College, Allison moved to Connecticut.  There she got the opportunity to attend seminary and further explore her faith before returning to her home state of Ohio. Allison now lives in the Miami Valley area with her husband and children. She continues to work on her first published series while taking care of her family, editing for other independent writers, and managing a home business.

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