Love is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky – Book Review

Love is the Moon, and Stars and Sky

Love is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky

Author, Kathy Walsh

Book Review

Book Description

The newly released joyohboy book series helps young children live a more peaceful, balanced life. In this picture book series they will learn to connect with their hearts, think positively, and express their feelings. Love is the moon, the stars, and the sky shows children how to bring love into their daily lives. This book talks about the power of giving love, what if feels like to love and be loved. Each book includes fun activities for parents to do with their children to reinforce this message.

Book Review

Love is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky, by Kathy Walsh is an adorable book that I will read to my grandchildren over and over again. I loved the diversity, magic, and nature in the illustrations.

Life is all about Love and this wonderfully written children’s book brings the message to young and old alike. It encourages us to love; to give love, not only to each other but, also, to the trees, sun, and stars.

The author also includes examples of ways to bring Love into our daily lives.

I highly recommend this adorable book, with such a true message, to all.

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