Self-Honesty in Writing

How honest do you get with your characters? With your own writing?

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Isn’t honesty always a double-edged sword?

I have been looking at the idea of how we, as writers,

not only need to be honest with ourselves

(about how good our work is, how much more we may need to learn,

how much editing we can accomplish on our own, etc. etc.)

but with our readers

in what we write.

That honesty is the key

to good writing in this day and age…

Sure people speak of

realistic dialogue, the right balance of action, summary,  exposition,

when to show vs. tell…

but when it all comes down to it,

if you simply write the truth of what’s happening

or is being witnessed from the point of view of your character

you can’t go wrong.

You will naturally imbue the scene with attitude & atmosphere;

You will say just enough and at the right time


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