Monday Motivations/A Helping Hand For The New Year

How to Gain Inspiration From Everyday Tasks


Well, that’s it, Christmas and the New Year are over and it’s back to work. So, your head is full of ideas, your fingers are sore from the hundreds of words you’ve already typed…or not. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get going after having a break. If you’re not sure where to start, start with what and who’s around you:

How to Gain Inspiration

From Everyday Tasks

Everyday occurrences and tasks can be turned into a writing idea and articles. Take a peek at these and see if they get you reaching for your pen.

  •  As you lay back in the chair and the hairdresser massages shampoo into your hair, ask her a few questions. Perhaps she used to work in a store and took up hairdressing late in life. Or maybe she cuts hair for a famous person. Some hairdressers teach at college or take part in competitions. Any…

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