Merry Christmas from Dragon Knight Chronicles

DKC Holiday Image

Merry Christmas everyone! Here at DKC we are happy to have had everyone join us for our new holiday tradition, ’12 Days of Christmas’. We are looking forward to doing this every year with you all. These last 12 days were filled with wonderful authors and fun prizes. For those that were lucky enough to win free books, please consider leaving reviews for each book you read. That will be the greatest christmas present you can give to an author of your favorite books.
We also want to thank all writers that have joined us and want to offer a special treat. For anyone that is interested in trying out one of our tour services starting this new year, we are offering a double discount. Right now till December 31st we have a sale going on for 20% off for our blitz tours and 35% our week tours…but for everyone that uses this code: 12DAYS you will get an addition 15% off the overall costs…this does include bundle deals.
Also we do have a giveaway running where you can get a free tour service of your choice ending December 31st at Midnight. There are also some fun little prizes that our runner ups can get also :)…for those that respond to this message we will give you 20 entries to increase your chances of winning 🙂
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and safe passage to spend time with family friends. We look forward to making connections with each one of you over the next year 🙂

Here is the link to the New Year Giveaway:

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