Day 12 – The Book Stalker


On Day 12, December 23rd, The Book Stalker will be providing entertainment, fun, and giveaways all day! The is the last day of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ on our Facebook page, and we hope that you have enjoyed all of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ and the giveaways. Join us on our last day and win one of the 5 books of your choice! That’s right, 5 winners will get to choose one book of their choice off of “The Book Stalker’s” Website! This means any author any title is up for grabs!

The Book Stalker tells us “I don’t stalk people, but I do stalk books.” This has quickly become my catch phrase and I freely (and proudly) admit it due to my love and passion for books. I am often asked who my favorite author is or what my favorite genre is. I will admit that I have favorite authors because of who they are, but I honestly don’t limit myself to one type of book. The sky’s the limit on this subject!”

“Books are important however, we wouldn’t have books if it weren’t for the amazing authors who write them. On my site you will find that I connect you to the author before I connect you to what I have to say about the books they write. No matter how I feel about the books I’ve read, I would love for you connect with the author and know them before you read a book based on what I’ve told you about it.”

 The Book Stalker

“I also firmly believe that reading books enhances lives and I love to promote, read, talk about, and LIVE books, especially when it is beneficial to both authors and readers.  Authors write books; Books enrich lives; and Readers get to experience the wonderful stories created by the writers every time they share their books with us.”

These sentiments are shared with most writers and readers. The Book Stalker wishes us all a Merry Christmas and shares a special Happy Holidays with us!

Read The Book Stalker’s special Happy Holidays, learn more about the books you can win, and register to win at:

Thank you for joining us during our ‘12 Days of Christmas’! We hope you have enjoyed the fun every day and maybe won a special item or two!

Don’t forget the reason for our ‘12 Days of Christmas’! Support Indie Author’s!

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