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Indie Author, Cheri Schmidt, will entertain us on Day 10, (December 21st), at our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ Facebook page. Cheri will be giving away a Glass Pearl Necklace mentioned in her books, Fateful and Fractured. Yes, you read it right, a Glass Pearl Necklace!

Cheri Schmidt writes romance and is the author of Fateful, Fractured, Forever, The Order of Curse-Bound Knights, and Fair Maiden. Her Fateful Series has been a bestseller ever since she published it, and well over 100 thousand copies have been downloaded worldwide. These titles are currently being produced into audibooks. She is also working on The Trapping Club, a sequel to Fair Maiden, and a contemporary/spy romance series.

Cheri says that her head is a very crowded place, and she wishes she could write faster. She will also tell you that if you do not like glittering fairies, hot vampires with British accents, knights in shining armor, the dashing Mr. Darcy, girly-girls who wear skirts, modern-day vigilantes, or large amounts of snogging, then perhaps her stories are not for you.

Cheri Schmidt

Personally, I love glittering fairies and pearl necklaces!

Cheri shares a Special Holiday Greeting with us. Read her Special Holiday Greeting, learn more about Cheri Schmidt and her books, and register to win the Glass Pearl Necklace at:

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