Angelic Confessions, Book 1 By Jan Marie

12 Days of Christmas

“On the seventh day of Christmas, my Indie Author gave to me…” I hear you singing along with me. I can tell that you are as excited as I am about the ’12 Days of Christmas’!

Indie Author, Jan Marie, will take over the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ on Day 7. Jan Marie will be providing us with a day full of Heavenly Surprises! Jan will be giving away a copy, your choice eBook or Print, of her novella, Angelic Confessions, Book 1.

Angelic Confessions Book Cover

Aye is an angel born unto one of highest angels of the heavenly council. Having never had this happen before Father raises Aye as his own making her believe she was created just like the rest of her angelic brethren, well except for the voices that whispered to her to kill them all. Aye would never, but she can not deny the thought, the sight of their blood on her skin, her lips is thrillingly tempting. What is she really? Why does everyone look at her with either disgust or lustful interest?

Read more of Angelic Confessions, Book 1 synopsis, learn more about Indie Author, Jan Marie, and register to win a copy of the novella at:

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